Virtual Environments for Education and Group Management

BRICS and EAEU International Youth Forum on Science and Innovation

Pedro Henrique Jatobá /


  • Digital Culture in NorthEast of Brazil
  • Sustainability and Autonomy
  • Information Technology and Group Networks
  • Computed Supported Cooperative Work
  • Virtual Environments using CORAIS Platform
  • Applicantions in Education, Software Development and Group Management
  • Results: Open Data and Solidarity Economy
  • Next Steps and Future Developments

Digital Culture in Northeast of Brazil

Region Statistics:

Total Area: 1.554.257 KM² (18,20%)
Region HDI: 0,608 (2015)
Population 53 Milions (28%)

Students with a home computer: 53%
Without internet access: 45%
Acess by cell phones (Slow connection): 95%
Only at school: 37%

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Federal University of Pernambuco
ConchATIVA Moviment
Vila Velha Theather in Bahia
LIVRE University
Capão Circus in Chapada Diamantina
ColaborATIVA do Capão

Sustainability and Autonomy

Social Actions

Digital Inclusion Agenda in Local Education Programs
Equal acess to common information (Open Data)
Participate in local public decisions (Liquid Democracy)
Provide Support to free technology

Economic Actions

Estimulate local start ups
Promote local Crowdfunding campaigns Territory Communication
Community Credit and Local Products and Services Exchanges
#LocalSolutions #CreativeEconomy #MakeMoviment #communityRADIO
Rádio Ciclo
Ocuppy public spaces to exchange knowledge and build togueter COMMONS
Exchange Products and Services using regular currency or local digital credits

Technology Evolution and Group Networks

"Technology is abundant like nature. In the end what really matters is the people envolved" Daniel Pádua.

Computed Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Plataforms and Groupware Tools

Virtual Environments using CORAIS Platform

Users: Plataform Members

Maintainers: MetaDESIGN Community

Applicantions in Education, Software Development and Group Management

OnLine Calendar Activities

Videoconference meetings

Online Forms for Subscriptions, Quiz and Field Researchs

User Experience Design

Cronological Development TimeLine

Online Spreadsheets with updated results

Brainstorms for Group Inovation

Organize available updated common information

Transparent Work Division, Tasks Status and Payments

Community Banks and TIME Digital Currencies

Public Transactions

Transparent Members Balances

Detailed User Bank statement

Results Analysis

Open Data

  • 330 open projects with copyleft licenced data

  • 4000 users registred mainly from south america

  • 500 students envolved in online education activities

Solidarity Economy

  • 4 Community Banks using CORAIS platform

  • 2100 digital currency transactions

  • U$200,000 in products and services exchanges since 2013

Next Steps

Development Actions

  • Drupal and Open Atrium Development

  • Ethercalc and Etherpad Improvments

  • Add new groupware tools

Social Actions

  • Crowdfunding plataform development

  • Partnerships with universities, startup farms, public schools and social organizations

Solidarity Economy Business Incubators Network

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